Discord Plays Werewolf Jack

The following is an archive of a series of messages from the Chongoshow Discord Server sent on April 1st, 2022. It consisted of people sending !commands to make Discord Jack do various things, as drawn by me (Brush Apocalypse).

You are Discord Jack. You are also a funny dogy. You have no idea what to do with yourself and so you are leaving it up to the whims of fate.

> Now open for !commands

A large boulder mysteriously appears in front of you. You use it for its intended purpose of howling dramatically. This miraculously summons Dan from his job, and also Dantoinette who'd been standing just offscreen!

You are overcome with joy at the arrival of other people. You have no choice but to spin around in circles a few times before giving Dan the appropriate greeting... Hm? There is a potato in your mouth. How strange!

You turn around to find Dani holding another funny dogy!!! She seems just as surprised as you by this development.

You are having SUCH a great time with all these randomly appearing objects and friends! You might just-- Hold on.

You chew on the Prism-Cube like the soft squishy toy that it is. Then Dani approaches you and starts asking questions. It would appear she does not understand the situation she's in right now. Neither do you, but you're a funny doggy right now so you don't really care.


You've got it. You understand. You may be a humble funny dogy right now, but you are made for Care About Friend. If Dani is confused by all this, then it is your DUTY to fix that. You... are going to solve this mystery. With your trust new dog friend by your side.

In your search for the source of this mystery, you accidentally stumble into MARK TERRITORY. Your companions get right to work interviewing the man for whatever information he might have, while you-- DAN FOLLOWED YOU

You are such a big fan of Dan you simply MUST play your favourite game with him. Bully Prism.

The hold of the full moon is beginning to fade... Not every command will take effect.

Come to think of it, there's something up with the moon. You think you're going to check it out.

With the setting of the moon, so too does our influence over The Bit fade away...

"..............Let's not talk about this whole incident."